About Tiara Kurnia

We are Servants of Allah who are the best service providers for the world's blessings and abundance through agro-business integration solutions
Arianda Dwi Wanto
President director

HiDe ForRCeS Corporate Culture

High Performance

We are people who are optimistic about managing the future, we always take the time to learn, practice and hone skills in a fun way so that we are able to provide quick and precise solutions for our company and customers, we always try to be better today than yesterday, and always try together find the best ways to achieve our dreams.


We are individuals who are firm, professional and highly disciplined. We realize that only with professionalism and high discipline, we can make our dreams come true. We are bold and confident, able to say that what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong.


We are simple people honest trustworthy. We always apply 100% work culture HiDe FoRCes in every aspect of company life, until we achieve success in aspects of company life through the best agri-business integration solutions for all people in the world with the best world-class service to customers. We work quickly and thoroughly to provide the best benefits to humanity by having solutions the best problem we can dream of. We are HiDe ForRCes who are always focused on carrying out our obligations and always enthusiastic in completing the tasks that are our responsibility.


We are a people of one word with deed. We try to be responsible in doing all that we have said and promised. We uphold the trust placed in us. We are always committed to achieving success in any situation and condition. Wherever we are, we always maintain the honor and work culture of Tiara Kurnia


We are a trustworthy person, company and HiDe ForRCeS team. We are trustworthy, responsible and highly disciplined people. We uphold and maintain the trust placed in us. We are always READY to commit and participate 100% to carry out the Trust and to provide the best results. We are committed to achieving success in any condition, anywhere and anytime by implementing 100% HiDe ForRCeS noble values. We strive to carry out all the things we have planned, said and promised.


We live life in this world solely to worship Allah SWT. Always strive to carry out His commandments and leave His prohibitions. We do things with sincere intentions because of ALLAH and in a way that is in accordance with Islamic Shari'ah. We think, behave and act and behave Islamically in every aspect of daily life. Wherever we are, we always strive for the unity and unity of the Muslims. We always participate 100% in every da'wah activity to uphold Islam kaffaah and the glory of the Muslims.

Mission Tiara Kurnia

  1. Contributing in the form of the best service in the field of integrated agribusiness.
  2. Form a world-class team that is reliable, creative and innovative.
  3. Building a sustainable Agribusiness integration system for generations of blessings and abundance.
  4. Running a business with good governance by prioritizing safety and environmental sustainability.

Corporate Culture N I A T

Real results

We are committed and strive hard to deliver tangible results in the form of improved team, organization and business partner performance.

Sincere Heart

We always work wholeheartedly to provide the best, for the betterment of the team, organization and business partners.


We work cheerfully, passionately and enjoy every step of the way in carrying out our obligations and responsibilities.


Finish the job

We are committed to carrying out duties and responsibilities quickly to achieve satisfactory results.

Achievement Tiara Kurnia

Hectare of Cultivated Land
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Joined Farmers Group
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Partner Company
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Using Kurniaganik Organic Fertilizer, it increases the productivity of our agriculture which previously used chemical fertilizers

Organic Farming System Certificate

Decree of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia organic fertilizer registration number 02.01.2020.054 of 2020 and produces product quality according to SNI 6729 2016 standards concerning Organic Agriculture Systems.